Male model Oleg Bogann was born on January 14, 1985, in capital of Estonia – Tallinn, on the East side of Europe.. He was younger brother in family of four members. Since younger he was interesting in arts and in creativity. As well he was used to do many types of sports, but Oleg wasn’t planning to become some kind of professional sportsman He wished to give all his life for actor profession or something a bit close to it. At school Mr. Bogann was active pupil and involved in many school’s events. Attended acting lessons at one of the theatres, also did choreography and was painting not bad. Over time he goes in the modeling business and to this day trying to be successful. Text site Welcome to blog dedicated to the young male model Oleg Bogann. In this blog you can see all the latest news as well as photographs of different years of life.Pictures from the photo shoot and the photo is not included in the photo shoot. Photos from the personal archives of Oleg Bogann. (2009)
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