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Кто лучший парень модель?

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Вопрос: Кто лучший парень модель?
1. Mat Gordom 
4  (16.67%)
2. Simon Nessman 
2  (8.33%)
3. Oleg Bogann 
2  (8.33%)
4. David Gandy 
7  (29.17%)
5. Sean O'Pry 
2  (8.33%)
6. Oleg Antosik 
3  (12.5%)
7. Vladimir Ivanov 
1  (4.17%)
8. Jon Kortajarena 
2  (8.33%)
9. Ash Stymest 
1  (4.17%)
Всего: 24
Всего проголосовало: 16

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oleg bogann

ВСТУПАЙТЕ В СООБЩЕСТВО О НЕМ www.diary.ru/~Bogann/

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male models


Francisco Lachowski

Francisco Lachowski continues his influx of new work with an editorial and cover for Tendencias photographed by Marcelo Capizzano. Delivering a nice mix of fun and leisure, Francisco reveals an infectious personality that boasts well for future work.


Simon Nessman photoshoot

Simon Nessman

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Biography Vitali Borbuts

Biography Vitali Borbuts Male model Vitali Borbuts was born in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-sixth year in the capital Estonia in Tallinn.Grew up the youngest child in single-parent family father had a drinking problem and parents were forced to divorce.
Much of his childhood passed in poverty, which often lacked food and were problems with money.
However, despite this still continued to communicate with his father supported and helped him in difficult times.From early childhood, fond of literature around the world dreamed travel meet with a new and interesting people.
As a young man engaged in drama school was playing in the performances. Two thousand and tenth year starts to try them selves in the modeling business.

VITALI BORBUTS BLOG vborbuts.blogspot.com/


Tyler Bachtel (Тайлер Бэчтель)

Tyler Bachtel (Тайлер Бэчтель) - модель и актер американо-итальянского происхождения, родился в городе Дублин, штат Огайо, США.

Рост: 180,5 см
Волосы: Блондин
Глаза: Голубые
Талия: 75 см
Грудь 102 см
Обувь: 43



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Oleg Antosik & DIOR


Олег Боганн и его черно белая фотосессия 2011

Олег Боганн и его черно белая фотосессия 2011

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Kerry Degman

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Simon Nessman ph

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Олег Боганн в Шанхае

Олег Боганн в Шанхае
Двадцать Девятого марта рейсом из Амстердама Олег Боганн прилетел в Шанхай,для того чтобы начать работу po трехмесячному контракту с модельным агентством Ling Vision.

Компания LING VISION MODEL MANAGEMENT работает на Китайском рынке с одна тысяча девятсот девяносто девятого года. Сотрудничает с такими мировыми брендами CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, GUCCI, DIOR, D & G, Hermes, CK, Cartier, Zegna, MAC, NIKE SONY, LOREAL, Lenovel, LG, Sumsung и т.д

Олег Боганн по поездке в Шанхай.
—Потрясающая страна, за три месяца жизни в Китае я побывал не в одном городе. Меня поразила древнейшая культура этой страны и дружелюбность ее жителей.
Я получил огромный опыт и обрел десятки новых знакомых со всего мира.Несомненно когда нибудь я за захочу вернуться туда снова.—


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Модель человека

Рейтинг самых востребованных мужчин-манекенщиков по версии ресурса Models.com
Мужчина-модель – удивительное рядом. Казалось бы, только представительницы прекрасной половины человечества мечтают о карьере знаменитой модели, но, как выяснилось – это не так. Молодые люди все чаше выбирают глянцевый дым, вместо того, чтобы лететь в космос, стоять у мартеновской печи или покорять океаны.

В современном мире бесконечной культуры потребления и визуального вуаризма мужчины жаждут постоянного поклонения и, конечно, хотя бы 15 минут мимолетной славы. К слову, на Западе мужчины-манекены получают довольно весомые суммы с тремя (а то и больше) нулями за свою работу, в то время как отечественные мачо довольствуются скромными гонорарами и непостоянными заработками.

Авторитетный ресурс Models.com, посвященный модельному бизнесу, каждый год подводит своеобразный итоги и выявляет самых популярных, востребованных и дорогих моделей-мужчин.


Marlon Teixeira Bio


Марлон - бразильский манекенщик, наиболее известен по работе с авангардныйм брэндом мужской одежды "Dior Homme". Открыл парня владелец агентства Way Model и хороший друг семьи Тейшиейры мистер Андерсон, которому представила Марлона его бабушка. Карьеру молодой человек начал в 2008 году в возрасте 16 лет, дефилируя на подиумах Милана на показах коллекций брэнда Custo Barcelona и джинсовой одежды Armani Jeans от Джорджио Армани (Giorgio Armani). Также Тейшиейра появлялся на обложках таких изданий, как Hercules Magazine и сингапурский L'Officiel Hommes.

Пик карьеры манекенщика отмечен фотосессией для брэнда Dior Homme в 2009 году и крупными рекламными кампаниями для брэндов Sergio K и Deisel.

Тейшиейра любит узнавать новое, путешествовать, ходить на пляж, сок киви, увлекается серфингом и кино. Он мечтает совершить путешествие в Индонезию, на Мальдивы, Гавайи и в Австралию.


Олег Боганн в жизни

Подборка папарацци фото

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Simon Nessman Bio

Country of origin: Canada
Born in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Discovered when a friend's sister sent photos of him to Mode Models in Calgary Alberta

Interests include sports, especially basketball & surfing, watching Seinfeld, and learning to play guitar.

5/7/2007 Models.com Model of the Week

In his blog JDVision, JD Ferguson posts an interview with Simon in which he explains his obsession with the model: "My obsession with you is more from a professional standpoint, really. It's more about the perfection of your face, which I know must seem incredibly shallow, but for me (and countless others) your beauty is somewhat classic and a bit iconic." To this Simon replied, "At least it's a healthy obsession."

Shoe Brown Brown 188 12
London Storm Paris Ford EuropeHamburg Kult AgencyBrussels IMM BruxellesMilan I LOVE New York Soul Artist

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Oleg Bogann Biography

Male model Oleg Bogann was born on January 14, 1985, in capital of Estonia – Tallinn, on the East side of Europe.. He was younger brother in family of four members. Since younger he was interesting in arts and in creativity. As well he was used to do many types of sports, but Oleg wasn’t planning to become some kind of professional sportsman He wished to give all his life for actor profession or something a bit close to it. At school Mr. Bogann was active pupil and involved in many school’s events. Attended acting lessons at one of the theatres, also did choreography and was painting not bad. Over time he goes in the modeling business and to this day trying to be successful. Text site www.bogaNN.com Welcome to blog dedicated to the young male model Oleg Bogann. In this blog you can see all the latest news as well as photographs of different years of life.Pictures from the photo shoot and the photo is not included in the photo shoot. Photos from the personal archives of Oleg Bogann. (2009)
OLEG BOGANN BOGAN BLOG blogmodelblog.blogspot.com
Web saite www.BOGANN.COM

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Matt Gordon

Canadian male model Matt Gordon was spotted by an agent while the now established sexy boy was partying with friends in Vancouver. He was born in the year 1983 in Alberta, Canada. This Adonis grew up in a farm with seven siblings. As a teenage boy he was always shy because he was too tall, awkward and had braces. He was never popular in school. When he turned 17, he moved out from home and went to find his own way. He describes himself as a mix of his mom and dad and says that the feature that attracts people towards him is his personality.
His ability to talk and relate with people is an attribute that he feels has helped him with his career. Matt Gordon is not one of those who go over the top just because he models, he keeps his feet grounded always. His modeling career started when she signed with Mode Models and began modeling locally after that. By February of the same year, he gave an interview to Model-Max.com
Getting Personal with Matt

The sexy fashion model exudes sexiness like no other male model but this delicassen is more than your regular pretty boy; he is fiercely independent and fiercely beautiful. Although unexpected for such a pretty boy, Matt Gordon is quite an opinionated guy.
Would you believe he used to have braces? Matt recalls in one of his interviews, “I used to wear braces! I was this skinny kid who was doing some partying when someone from an agency in Canada gave me a card…”He tells this story with a smile. Who cares if he used to have braces, he has turned into this extremely gorgeous man.

What is more is that the boy’s got humor. When asked “What would make you happy and satisfied and satisfied?” he answered with a coy, “Is this the part where I say ‘world peace’? haha.”

At one point, Matt had to drop the other “t” of his name to separate him from the other Matts in the industry –double “t” or not, Matt or Mat is still hot hot hot.

Matt is the kind of guy who tries to have a balanced life keeping himself busy with the runway thing and as he said, “not getting too obsessed with the industry” while having fun. He does love to have fun because he did say that his favorite show or shoot is his favorite if there is an after party.

To Matt, having fun is not always going to a party. He defined fun as “Fun is enjoying the moment that you are in, whatever that may be. Not enough people stop and enjoy the right now.”

He sure does not get ahead of himself because this guy has got a head on top of those beautiful, broad shoulders. He said what he enjoys most in his work is where he sees lots of places all over the world and immersing in their cultures. He said that that is most priceless part of his vocation. He never really took his modeling seriously; he was just encouraged by closed friends and family.

His first modeling gig was a runway show in a mall in the city a few miles from where the male model grew up. He said in the interview, “I was surrounded by pre-teen girls shopping with their grandma’s. It made me think twice about what I was getting into.”

By early 2007 he moves to New York City since its where his agency and most of his projects are located. He was given his big break when he signed a contract with high fashion house Gucci. He opened the spring show for the said haute couture brand for its show in Milan. He opened yet another show on the same month and it was for Versace.
After that Matt Gordon never ran out of projects and has kept a very hectic schedule.

Mommy’s Little Boy

Matt Gordon loves his mother very much as all sons and daughters do. He makes sure she does not see those ultra-hot underwear pictures though. When Matt was asked about the reaction of his parents about his modeling he said, “I didn’t tell my family a whole lot about it. They respect me to make my own choices and are mostly supportive but it’s weird for them to see my pictures. I don’t show my mom the underwear pics.”
Matt does not think of himself most of the time because he thinks of what his mom and dad would say. In the interview with Model-Max, when he was asked which fashion capital would he want to be a top model; Gordon answered, “Probably New York because my family lives in America and it would mean more to them. I want to do it all.”

Matt Gordon on Reading

Matt Gordon try to make time for his reading but admittedly, the only book he has read from front to back is “Catcher in the Rye” because of it being an easy read. Matt said however that “….there is this book at home I keep picking up and trying to finish but I end up starting all over again because I don’t remember what’s going on! It’s about 100 years of generation in one family or something. I must have started it 10 times.”

Matt Gordon on His Ideal Lady

This gorgeous guy sure has a lot of female fans and most of these female fans whether they admit it or not wonder what kind of woman is Matt Gordon’s idea woman? Matt answered in an interview, “I’m more of a realist. There are no ideals. But I like loud, quirky girls that are comfortable with themselves and have an opinion.”
Matt Gordon’s Influences

When asked who influences him the most Matt answered with, “There are a lot of people that I respect and admire, but I wouldn’t call them heroes. I think that makes them larger than life and I think everyone is human and shouldn’t put them up on pedestals.”

What Matt has Learned in the Fashion Industry

He learned discipline above all things but he has also learned a lot about fashion etiquette. Matt said, “Don’t tell anyone what to wear unless they ask.”

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Олег Боганн в показе компании NJAl (Shanghai 2011) VIDEO

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